During the week


At KCBC, we admire and respect the more senior members of our church and local community. We have an active seniors group who have a varied social program as well as regularly meeting for prayer and fellowship. For more information contact the church office on churchoffice@kcbc.org.au


At KCBC we believe that it is important for people to regularly meet in Small Groups to foster growth and to share life's journey with each other. Being part of a Small Groups is vital to our growth as followers of Jesus. Our experience is that your life will be enriched as you journey with others, draw close to God and allowing Him to continually transform you.

Joining a Small Group
Small Groups run most days of the week - both day and night. Some meet weekly, others fortnightly. Some are mixed others single sex. If you would like to join a small group email the church office on churchoffice@kcbc.org.au