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Kids on Sundays

Kids Church for Babies through to Grade 6 children

First Steps - Babies & Toddlers
Bubbles - 3 years old to Pre-school
Splash - Grades 1 - 3
Xtream - Grades 4 - 6

Our church has plenty of babies, toddlers and primary-aged kids. We love it like this and we welcome more and more families to join us. We believe church isn't just for adults, it's for everyone!

We want kids to feel part of church and we're relaxed about the fact that often they can't sit as quietly as everyone else! After the initial part of the church service (usually about 20 minutes), the kids head out for our Sunday morning children's KidsChurch. KidsChurch is a great time for the kids to play games, laugh and learn. Our KidsChurch leaders get down to the kids level, relate to them and teach bible based values and practical life skills in an engaging and fun way.