On Sundays

Sundays @ 10am and 6pm

Coming Up

Please note that the normal gatherings of Sunday 10am & 6pm services, and mid-week programs, have been suspended until further notice, as requested by the Government as part of the Coronavirus response.

Some of these events have now been pre-recorded or have gone to an on-line meeting format. Please contact the Church Office (see the Contact Us page above) for details if you would like to access them. 

10am Sunday

Sunday Mornings @ KCBC see about 200 people, of all ages and from all walks of life, coming together to worship God. Many are committed Christians, but still "under construction!"  Some are just "checking us out." Should you decide to join us one Sunday, you will fit right in somewhere along that spectrum.
Do I have to get dressed up? No. Come as you are.
Will there be a lot of complicated ceremony? No. We are a pretty informal lot. First time with a new group of people can be a bit daunting, but you can expect a warm welcome and we expect that you will move at your own pace, and in your own comfort zone, should you find yourself becoming a part of our Church Family.
Our worship features contemporary music .... and everyone uses normal, everyday language. If you come across anything that puzzles you, we are open to any question you may have.
We have a special children's time early on. Most of the kids then leave for a great Children's program that's run by an enthusiastic band of carers. If you have primary-aged children, you would be welcome to go with them to check out their special time together for yourself. And there is a dedicated "Carers' Retreat" if you need to care for a younger infant at any time.
Yes, there is an offering, but you will be our guest so let it pass you by without embarrassment.
What type of Church are you?  Contemporary - ready and willing to change to meet whatever the needs may be and to engage people wherever they may be. Evangelical, with a strong belief in the Authority of the Scriptures. Flexible and open - believing that God's Spirit may act and lead us in any way he chooses. (And if none of that makes particular sense, come anyway, and get a feel for our care for each other and our love for the God who so freely loves us.)

6pm Sunday

Sunday evenings are more focused on teenagers and young adults, but there are a number of young families, in fact a generous cross-section of all ages, that make up the 80 or so people who regularly come.
As in the morning, but perhaps more so, expect contemporary music, enthusiastic praise, and the use of multimedia presentations to accompany relevant "teaching for life" from the Bible.

Missed a Sunday morning at Church? Listen Online now.