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Our Mission

loving God,
loving others,

following Jesus.


We have responded to the call of Jesus to follow in his way: following his teaching and commands, his wholehearted love for God, his servant hearted self-giving love for others.

Our Vision:

to be a vibrant growing place of hope for our community



We have been made alive in Christ and seek to live that out through embracing our life together with joy, faith and hope in what God is doing in and through us.

We will remember to give thanks and to celebrate,  and to support our members living a full life for God at church, at home, 

in the workplace and in the community.

What we value

Where our mission is what we are about everyday in every ministry; and our vision is who we are, through God's grace, striving to become; our values are those distinctive aspects of our identity that reflect our particular shared experience and history.

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